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Sakura Haruno
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there's no escape from love
Mun Name: Kaita, IB, Suika
Age: Fouteen
Gender: Female
Personal LiveJournal: katia_san
AIM Screenname: IBClosetPerv
MSN: gullwee@hotmail.com
Email: gullwee@hotmail.com

was a gentle breeze
Name: Haruno Sakura
Age: Something like 18
Gender: Female
Occupation: Police Officer
Hair Colour: A very light ginger, often looks almost pink
Eye Colour: Jade green
Height: 5'9"
Weight: She'll never tell. ;)
Medical Info: "That's rude to ask!"
Physical Traits: Unusual hair colour, somewhat boyish figure aka, no breasts, small cherry blossom tattoo on left wrist
Talents/Abilities: Fairly good aim with a gun, great leadership skills, physically strong
Character Model: Renee Olstead~
weaves its spell upon your heart
Although Sakura knows she is in a position where many people will hate her, she is not willing to put up with any blatant disrespect. She is not your typical cop; and yet, the job suits her almost too perfectly. Although in the past she was a sweet and quiet girl, she has changed into an outspoken and confident woman, with more than a little pride. She won't hesitate to stop anyone, and knows how to point a gun well enough anyways. But Sakura also knows when and where to hold her tongue. She had always been an intelligent and calculating girl, gifted with excellent self-control (except, of course, when it comes to hitting people and hardcore yaoi). She is a strong leader, and able to stand on her own. But she is not without her weaknesses. Sakura has a sensitive side, if a little buried; and certain old wounds can be brought to the surface at times, often not opportune times either. She is intensely stubborn, both on the job and off. Sometimes this can be a bad thing. Sakura also cares intensely for her friends and allies, and strongly refuses to let them come to harm, even if it means taking the hits for them.
no matter what you think
Sakura couldn't see much of a point to this, not really.

Absentmindedly, she kicked at a pebble, shuffling it between her feet. It kicked up a small cloud of dirt around her ankles, not that it really mattered. Sakura was covered in the stuff anyways. She'd been standing out here in the middle of nowhere for four hours, surrounded by only the shrubs and trees...and her annoying-as-hell partner. He hadn't shut up the entire four hours -- and Sakura was about ready to punch his face in. She didn't even know his name, as he was even newer to the unit than she was. Surprise. She was always stuck with the newbies. Was the unit trying to drive her to quitting?

Sakura signed with resignation and stared out at the dusty field stretched out before her. If this was an empty lot, why was it so important? It made Sakura wonder what exactly the owner of the lot was protecting (hiding?). But Sakura held her silence. The information was probably between the owner and the police squad commander anyways. Like it always was.

Sakura looked up at her comrade. His lips were moving, but she had drowned him out completely. Sakura shook her head, casting her bored gaze back to the empty field (which, admittedly, was far more interesting than this guy's babbling). Suddenly she started.

A flicker of movement on the horizon caught her eyes, and Sakura gasped. Her teammate turned to her, and stopped talking. Then he saw it too. Unmistakable -- there was a person, probably a man, about 70 feet away from them. His shillouhette melded into the long grass, making him difficult to spot, and harder yet to track. Sakura's left hand instinctively dropped to her hip, clenching around her pistol. The gun, sheathed in its leather hilt on her belt, felt comforting and powerful in her grasp.

Sakura had been in this situation too many times to count already. But the rush of adrenaline took her off guard every time. She wondered how long it would take to get used to it...

Sakura carefully turned to her companion, holding a finger to her lips. Silence. He nodded, and Sakura nodded back. Softly, laced with trepidation, Sakura's body slid into a cat-like posture and she took her first step towards the intruder. Biting her lower lip, she withdrew her gun and pressed it into her chest.

At least things were finally getting interesting.

it won't be too long
Angst? Mmm...maybe. Ask me.
Attack? If you wanna, then sure (but it WILL get you arrested 8D)
Serverly injure? Discuss. It should be fine.
Kill? Not right now, no.
Non-con? Discuss, I'm willing for the most part though (Oh the irony...)
Het, yaoi, yuri? All are okay~
Rating? Anything goes. Just ask me if you want to do something really drastic, like NC-17.
till you're in my arms
This is the character journal for Haruno Sakura at to_theclub, as played by katia_san. Her journal layout was created by tasha at premade_ljs. Profile codes tweaked by katia_san. Song lyrics in journal from the "Alive" by Melissa O'Neil. Song lyrics in profile from "Can't Fight the Moonlight" by LeAnne Rimes. Image in profile from Renee Olstead's official site.
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide