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31st-Oct-2007 04:21 pm - 01 \\ I Hate This...
I wasn't planning on a Halloween party when I bought my new computer two weeks ago. My salary isn't stellar, either. Honestly, I can't afford a new computer and a costume at the moment. And I can't sit out on this party, either...So I asked a friend if I could borrow hers from last year.

ThisCollapse )was all she had.

...There had better not be anyone who recognizes me there. 
(And oh, the irony.)

[Private]Collapse )
26th-Aug-2007 11:14 pm(no subject)
The recent heat wave has caused quite a few deaths among seniors lately. Three in this last week, at least that I've heard about. Living without an air conditioner is asking for heat stroke, I think. And seniors are fragile. We get a couple of these every year, but why so many this year? Captain seems to suspect something. Like maybe someone's planned these "heat strokes".

I personally think it's a dead end, but what choice do I have?

4th-Aug-2007 09:33 pm - [xx2]
It really feels like it's starting to warm up lately. Did anyone else notice this? It's kind of nice; not a humid heat, but just hot. I wish I could enjoy it more, but I keep getting dragged into damn traffic duty. You bet it isn't very much fun to sit in a stifling hot car (no AC, these things are so cheap) by the side of the road for hours on end. 

Hmm. I think I should get a monthly pass to that public swimming pool a few blocks away. Maybe splurge on a nice new bathing suit too. Yeah. I think I deserve it, after all these hours I've been putting in!

Actually, the malls are less crowded on Sundays...I think I'll go shopping tomorrow.     
26th-Jun-2007 05:28 pm - [xx1]
alone / dejected / upset

I've created a layout for Sakura's userinfo! Her profile is now ready-to-go. Check it out if you like~ I just wanted to let you all know. ♥
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